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Our aim is to combine the best of the old and the new to help stories and ideas reach their widest audience possible.

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Platformbuilder™ Book Marketing Seminars


Helping Authors Become the Master of Their Publishing Destiny

A one-day seminar designed to teach authors what they can do to market themselves and their books.

Why did I develop PLATFORMBUILDER™?

  • Platformbuilder™ distills decades of experience in the industry into the key tools the modern author needs to master their own publishing destiny. The result is a unique roadmap that supports the success of each author’s platform, brand, and content.
  • Some things that sell books haven’t changed—great writing, rave reviews, and gorgeous covers. But the ways in which authors can market themselves and speak directly to their audiences have changed radically. PLATFORMBUILDER™ gives authors the tools and game plan they need.

What does that one day of training look like?

  • The one-day seminar is broken into three units: Community Building, Developing Content, and Growing Your Platform.
  • The class size is small (8–12 students) so that every student learns the breadth of what he or she can do, from the nuts and bolts of getting on Goodreads to starting a newsletter. Each student also walks away with specific content workshopped by the group, like an elevator pitch or an op-ed idea.
  • You walk away with the PLATFORMBUILDER™ resource guide and pre- publication checklist. In other words: You are now master of your publishing destiny.

For more information about PLATFORMBUILDER™ or to schedule a class, please contact:

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